KNOWING MY BODY : Fertility Signs

Know Did you know you only have a chance of getting pregnant 6-7 days during your menstrual cycle?  Pregnancy is only possible if you have had intercourse during the 5 days leading up to ovulation and the 24 hours after ovulation.  Whether you're trying to avoid getting pregnant or trying to get pregnant, there are several physical signs ...

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Freedom From A Narcissistic Parent - PART TWO

 Once narcissistic parents realize your desire move into a different direction, they will usually balk, or worse, resort to the anger and shaming employed in years past. Going back to their need for conformity, they predictably remind the son or daughter of their subordinate role. For instance: They can insist upon you maintaining the "proper"...

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Freedom From A Narcissistic Parent For better or worse, parents will have a powerful impact on their sons' and daughters' quality of life, and that impact will last a lifetime. Ideally, a child's history on the home front would include a solid foundation of love, empathy, trust, and reliability. But sometimes i...

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How can you improve your phone communication skills for excellent customer service? Part One 1. Prepare before the call One of the best ways to improve your phone communication skills is to prepare before the call. This means doing some research on the customer, their needs, and their expectations. It also means having a clear goal and agenda for the ...

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Telephone Skills Despite being one of the most obvious, it is also one of the most (if not the most!) important telephone skills. Projecting a positive tone over the phone and making the caller feel the emotions that the tone of your voice conveys is what can take you from 0 to 1. Focus on such emotions as pos...

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What Causes Narcissism? This is one of the most difficult questions to answer because narcissists can come from such broadly diverse backgrounds. Is it caused by nature or nurture? In some cases there has to be a genetically linked tendency. Think, for instance, how some individuals have a natural bent toward mathem...

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Types of Narcissism Narcissism can be displayed in a very wide array of patterns. Think of a hub of a wheel and the spokes that extend from that hub. The spokes represent the many patterns that can be offshoots of the core tendency toward narcissism. Following are some types of narcissism you might encounter, an...

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What is Narcissism?

What What is Narcissism? Narcissism is the pattern of life driven by self-absorption, control, and manipulation. It can be understood as a pattern on a spectrum, with each of us having at least some capacity for it. On the far end of the spectrum, narcissism is referred to as a personality disorder...

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Why Narcissists Do Not Have Real Friendships

Broken As time with narcissists passes, disillusionment can build due to emerging patterns illustrating a lack of relationship healthiness. It is quite common for individuals to reflect: "I thought we had something good, but in retrospect it wasn't what I once assumed." This realization can occur with family systems, marriages, living partners, wor...

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Lack of Barriers Keeping objects (like phones, bags, or glasses) out of the way when talking signals that you are fully present and open to the interaction. What it Means: Removing physical barriers between you and the other person indicates that you're giving them your full attention. Objects—anything f...

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Mutual Gazing Eye contact that is mutual—neither lacking eye contact nor being a little too interested. What it Means: Longer eye contact, especially from people who are high-status, makes us feel favored. This is especially true when receiving eye contact from celebrities or movie starsNav. Increased...

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Authentic Mirroring  Displaying similar body language to other participants during a social situation. What it Means: Mirroring is a highly rapport-building cue that signals a desire to connect with someone else. People tend to mirror only whom they like, and seeing someone else mirror our own body language ...

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The Equal Handshake

asouThe Equal Handshake An equal handshake has these 7 elements: good eye contacta warm, genuine smilean extended arm with a slight bend at the elbowfingers pointing downward while approaching the other person's handthis one's the big one—EQUAL pressure during the hand claspslight forward lean toward the other persona slow release after 1–2 seconds...

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What is Body Language? Body language is the science of nonverbal signals such as gestures, facial expressions, and eye gaze that communicate a person's emotions and intentions. In total, there are 11 types of body language that we use to communicate. Unlike words, body language is often done subconsciously and...

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nancy Inner strength is a deep, unstoppable belief in yourself. It doesn't depend on the actions of anyone else, and it doesn't depend on your circumstances. Most people realize that finding inner strength is likely to benefit relationships and feelings of overall well-being. And many more have a ...

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HOW CAN I BETTER CONTROL MY EMOTIONS What you will learn from reading this article: You cannot control everything that happens in your life, but you can control the meaning you attach to those eventsYou are the one in charge of your emotions and how you react to themHow to practice emotional controlHow to let go of your expe...

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WHY ARE SMART GOALS IMPORTANT? Research shows that in addition to the 98% of entrepreneurs who never achieve their goals, 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% in their second year and 60% in their fifth year. After a decade, a whopping 70% of small companies close their doors. There a...

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WHAT ARE THE 5 SMART GOALS? SMART goals stands for an acronym outlines a strategy for reaching any objective. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time Frame. 1. SMART GOALS ARE SPECIFIC Saying you "want to earn more" is too vague. Instead, pick a number...

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DISCOVER THE 6 HUMAN NEEDS THESE CORE NEEDS DRIVE EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE  Posted by: Team Tony Why do we do the things we do? Why is it that we measure success and value by attention and status, yet frown upon complacency? What force drives and shapes all of our emotions, actions, quality of life...

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CONFIDENT BODY LANGUAGE HOW TO LOOK CONFIDENT – EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T FEEL IT Posted by: Team Tony The moment you step into a room, people immediately form some sort of impression of you. They make snap judgments about what type of person you are – trustworthy, sincere, capable. Much of this is based on...

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