15 Reasons Why It’s Awesome Being a Young Mom

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Even though I am the youngest mom at my son’s school, I still feel like becoming a twenty-something-year-old mom is the best decision I ever made. I use to be fearful being a mom in my 20’s because that meant that it would end to me doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. But being a young mom has so many perks to it in the long run.


So here are 15 perks of being a mother in your 20’s.


1. You are the hottest mom because you are younger than the rest of the moms.

2. When your child is 18 and ready to move out of your house you will still be in your 40’s and can have time to enjoy life.

3. You still have the energy to keep up with your kid.

4. You are still young and you remember what being a kid feels like. Meaning that you can relate better to your child.

 5. Becoming a mom in my 20’s pushed me toward my goals. It made me get more serious about life a lot faster.

6. It is easier for your body to bounce back in your 20’s from pregnancy than when you are older.


7. You are a lot closer to your child and they feel more comfortable talking to you about things.


8. You still have plenty of time to have more kids.


9. You get to be the cool mom that your child’s friends wishes were their mom.


10. Being a young parent means being a young grandparent, and if you’re lucky you will live to be a great grandparent.


11. Since you are still young and hip, your child is more likely to take fashion advice from you.


12. You are young enough to understand technology, more organized music, and all the latest dance moves. I always play XBOX with my son. In fact, I introduced him to it.


13. Being a mom at any age will help more organized and learn time management skills. You will just be learning those skills earlier in life.


 14. You can survive with less sleep when you’re younger, which comes in handy with children.


15. You’re less likely to run into fertility issues.Even though 35 is still young for a woman, fertility starts to decline in your mid 30’s.



Isn’t being a mom in your 20’s awesome!

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Saturday, 02 July 2022