30 Duct Tape Hacks Everyone Needs to Know By Rachel Reed PART ONE

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Tough to Open Jars

Of all the duct tape hacks out there, this is the one hack I wish I’d known sooner. We’ve all encountered stubborn jars and learned a trick or two to open them. But those who use this hack say it’s the best method when other jar opening efforts have failed.

Rip off a piece of duct tape, line the end along the edge of the lid. Be sure NOT to attach the tape to the jar. Flatten the excess. Stick a new piece to the first piece, leaving tape dangling so you’ll have a pull strip. Hold the jar steady with one hand and pull with the other. 

Repair a Leaky or Damaged Pipe

It’s true, there are several kinds of tape out there that can quickly repair a small leak. But duct tape is considered one of the top tapes to stop a leaking pipe when you’re in a bind.

Word to the wise, make sure your tape makes good contact with the pipe. Otherwise, pockets could form where water can gather. Also, remember that duct tape is water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. It should only be used as a temporary measure. 

Repair a Damaged Water Bottle 

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Monday, 20 March 2023

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