Can Love Bombing Ever Be a Good Thing?

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Can Love Bombing Ever Be a Good Thing?

In fewer cases, love bombing can be a positive experience. Someone eager to find the right person might be elated when they find that special one and shower the other in lots of gifts.


While overly generous, it occurs over time. It feels natural compared to the controlling ways of a typical love bomber.

Depending on the culture and family background, extensive gift-giving and being expressive through compliments and such might also be an inherited way for your significant other to express closeness and love.


What to Do If You Realize You're Smothering Someone With Too Much Affection?

In other cases, you might be love bombing and not even know it. If you're feeling insecure or have a desperate need to shower someone with attention and gifts, it's important to figure out why:

  • Are your smothering actions due to clinging to the relationship?
  • Are you compensating for poor treatment of your partner in the past?
  • Do you fear your partner will break up with you?
  • Do you fear abandonment?
  • Do you want to be viewed as a hero?

Take some time to assess your behavior. After you figure out what is driving you to act this way, consider your goal and how this is impacting the person you love.


If you're innocently love bombing (meaning you have no intention or desire to manipulate your partner), you could possibly have an insecure attachment style. Seek the help of a psychologist to help you sort out your behavior and motives.


Going overboard with your affection out of a fear of rejection or clinginess is not the same thing as love-bombing as a manipulative/abusive tactic. However, it may be a good idea to address your fear of abandonment or rejection with a therapist who can help you sort out any relationship insecurities you may have.


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