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Remember, be tolerant, especially of mess.

There will be mess, and plenty of it, when cooking with children but you can clear it up later and they might even help you with the washing-up, water play being many children’s favourite activity.

Also remember that you will need at least twice as long to make anything with children involved.

The idea is not to create a masterpiece, but to get your children involved in food preparation, and to have some fun together.

You can also use the experience to teach children the basics of food hygiene, safety and nutrition and diet.


Craft Activities With Children

Many parents dread the idea of doing craft activities with young children or toddlers because of the mess and the serious parental input that is absolutely essential.

Craft activities are, however, very good for children: they develop fine motor skills and creativity, and encourage exploration of textures.

Some children may need encouragement to get their hands dirty, and painting and gluing can overcome that concern, especially if you demonstrate that dirty hands are just fine during the activity.

This page will help you to get to grips with craft activities with children.

Tips for Crafting With Children

Prior Preparation and Planning

Just like cooking with children, preparation is key to enjoyable craft sessions with children. Make sure that you have thought about it in advance and have an activity ready to go, otherwise the child will lose interest while you get things ready.

Think like a pre-school provider: everything needs to be out and ready when the children arrive to play.

One Thing at a Time

Don’t be tempted to offer several options and expect your child to make up their mind. Get one activity organized, whether that is play-dough, painting, or making something, and then help your child to complete it.

If you are offering your attention, and something fun to do, you are unlikely to get complaints that an alternative activity is not available.

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Tips for Crafting With Children PART ONE


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