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But if you’re looking for lasting love, are apps the right place to go? 

And how can you make sure your chances of matching with ‘the one’ are as high as possible?  

Dating guru Michelle Elman says the start of the year always brings fresh hope for singles.

The author said: “The start of a new year tends to bring about a new energy that helps us to be more hopeful.

“Internet dating and dating apps are still around because they work.

“If they didn’t they would have never taken off and if I ask around my friendship group, more have met their partners on dating apps than have not.”

Michelle, whose new book The Selfish Romantic was released this week, gives her top tips on how to make a match that lasts.


WHEN it comes to making a lasting relationship it’s key to share your everyday self, not your best self.


These days, people are used to putting a spin on their lives, cherry-picking what goes on social media and using filters that give our snaps the perfect sheen. 

But you want to be able to present an image you can maintain. 

Putting your best self forward means you are setting them up for disappointment every other day of the year.


ASK instead of assuming. 

If you are wondering if you are official, if they have lost interest or worrying about why they aren’t texting you, just ask rather than hangingabout torturing yourself.

The assumption you make will likely be the one that will hurt you most and you won’t know the truth unless you ask. 

Even if you don’t get an answer, you can be proud of yourself for being direct and communicating how you want to be communicated with.


IF you are nervous when you meet a potential partner, just say you are. 

Trying to hide your nerves takes more energy and will make you appear more awkward than just admitting you are nervous. 

When you admit it, remember that you want someone in your life who will comfort you and not judge you for being imperfect.

And you’ll probably find that your date is just as nervous as you are giving you something in common straight away.


DON’T go out looking for perfection on a first date, give people the grace to stupid things — and you can too.

The conversation on a first meeting doesn’t need to be any different to the conversation you have with a stranger. 

If you or your date have a ditsy moment or spill a drink, forgive yourself — and them. 

You are allowed to be human.

And if the relationship does last, it gives you a great story to tell too.


YOU don’t have to like them to go on a date, you just need to be curious.

This rule applies to even second and third dates. 

Sometimes you are unsure about how you feel about a person and that’s OK. There is no rush and if you need more time to figure out your feelings then keep on dating. 

You aren’t leading them on because you are still unsure yourself. Give yourself the permission to take your time.


IF you aren’t interested, communicate that — let’s bring ghosting to an end. 

No one likes to feel unsure of where they stand so it’s always better to be open and honest. 

Most people will be grateful to know than have to guess that you’ve lost interest.

If someone is rude when you end it, then you can block them but at least you have communicated it. You’ll feel better for it too, it will be a weight off your mind. 

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