FOR THE HOLIDAYS - DIY Candy Cane Centerpiece


If you’re looking for a simple Christmas craft project, today’s idea is for you! This simple DIY centerpiece will look great on your holiday table, and would be a cute gift for a friend. Making it is a cinch: you cover the outside of an empty can with candy canes. You’ll use a rubber band to help hold the candy canes in place as well as a bit of hot glue to secure them. Add some ribbon once you’re done, then fill the can with pretty seasonal florals. Easy!


This is what you’ll need to make a candy cane vase:

  • Empty Can: I used a 29 oz can of tomato sauce that I opened with a safety can opener that doesn’t leave any sharp edges. If you don’t have a safety can opener, you may want to use a glass or plastic jar or vase instead of a can. Just make sure whatever vessel you choose to use is a bit shorter than a candy cane.
  • Candy Canes: I used about 40 candy canes. I bought them in packages of 12 for $1 each at Walmart.
  • Rubber Band: This helps hold the candy canes around the can so you don’t have to glue every single one.
  • Hot Glue Gun: Even with a rubber band, the candy canes need some stabilizing, so you’ll want a glue gun,
  • Ribbon: I used red ribbon that was wide enough to easily cover the rubber band.


Once you’ve created the candy cane “vase” you’ll fill it with flowers or greenery to complete your centerpiece. You could use fresh flowers if you wish; just try not to get water on the candy canes. (If water gets inside the wrappers the candy canes will get ruined.) I found it was easier to use faux greenery. I placed a couple small blocks of floral foam inside the can, then used Christmas floral picks from the craft store to fill in the centerpiece.


  • Thoroughly wash and dry can before beginning. Place a rubber band around the middle of the can.
    Empty food can with rubber band around it
  • Slide one candy can under the rubber band, making sure it is straight up and down. Apply a little hot glue along one side of the candy cane to secure it to the can.
    Hot gluing a candy cane to the can
  • Slide five or six more candy canes under the rubber band, keeping them close together. Position them so the curved portions fan out evenly from the can. You don't need to glue every candy cane but it's a good idea to add some glue after every 5-6 canes to make sure they stay upright.
    Seven candy canes placed inside the rubber band around the can
  • When you've covered about a quarter of the can, place a row of how glue along the top curve of the can to secure all the candy canes you've added so far.
    Glueing the canes to the can around the top
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the entire can is covered with candy canes.
    Candy canes completely surround the can
  • Use ribbon to cover the rubber band. Cut a piece of ribbon just slightly longer than the circumference of the can and glue it together in the front. Then tie a bow from another piece of ribbon and use hot glue to attach it to the ribbon, covering the seam where the ribbon meets itself. Fill the can with floral foam and faux greenery or flowers.


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