If you’re looking for a simple Christmas craft project, today’s idea is for you! This simple DIY centerpiece will look great on your holiday table, and would be a cute gift for a friend. Making it is a cinch: you cover the outside of an empty can with candy canes. You’ll use a rubber band to help hold the candy canes in place as well as a bit of hot glue to secure them. Add some ribbon once you’re done, then fill the can with pretty seasonal florals. Easy!


This is what you’ll need to make a candy cane vase:


Once you’ve created the candy cane “vase” you’ll fill it with flowers or greenery to complete your centerpiece. You could use fresh flowers if you wish; just try not to get water on the candy canes. (If water gets inside the wrappers the candy canes will get ruined.) I found it was easier to use faux greenery. I placed a couple small blocks of floral foam inside the can, then used Christmas floral picks from the craft store to fill in the centerpiece.