How To Get Your Kids To Socialize Through Activities

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Play Time

Maybe try staying in as a family and play a board game. By carving out game time you can allow for some light family fun. You can try alternating days to play a different game. So if you play scrabble on Tuesday, then on Thursday or Friday you could play a fun card game.

Simple games like name, place, animal and things could be made more exciting.


Carroms, Ludo, Monopoly, Chutes and ladders, Pictionary  and all of the classic games should come out. You can think of some unique games too.  One evening, a simple deck card game could be played. 


Create A Quiz Game

Think of some interesting questions that everyone is able to answer. Maybe some fun debate questions or simple story telling. Even an anecdote or one of your kids favorite childhood memory. By starting family conversations, you open up the family to bond and enjoy each other. Because there will be so much to discuss and talk about.


Strut Down Memory Lane 

Reminisce by looking at old albums together. Maybe select some pictures and narrate the story behind them. Believe me! This activity is tried and tested. Your kids will be glued to you for hours. Wanting to do this more often .

Meal preparation 

Make food fun again. Allow your kids to offer suggestions on what to cook on a particular day. You’ll be amazed at how well they meal plan. Help build your child’s curiosity and enhance their relationship with food. Make it interesting by inviting them to work along with you. You can set it up like a group activity. They’ll be busy for most of the day .


Make A Puppet Show

You could sit and teach them how to make simple puppets. Then have the kids help create a puppet show. You will be surprised how quickly they come up with ideas!

Handmade Greeting cards 

Is a Birthday coming up? Holiday? Get them started and let them get creative.

Story starters game 

A campfire favorite! As a family choose one story starter to start a story. Everyone gets to offer up part of the story. It is always so interesting to hear what each one of your kids come up with. They have such imaginations!

Book Reading club 

Encourage literacy by forming a small book reading club with your child’s classmates and the other moms. When your kids have a forum to share what they have read, they will likely read more books because they get to interact with friends.

No matter what activities you choose, the key is to keep your children excited. So  never divulge the next activity in advance. Keep them guessing and maintain the mystery!

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