No Budget, No Problem: How to Get a Grip on Your Finances When Spreadsheets Aren’t Your Thing PART ONE

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Do your finances feel out of control? These practical tips will help you implement strategies to get you closer to saving money without a spreadsheet.

My friend Sara struggles with managing her money.

She’s a busy working mom of 3 littles and at the end of a busy day, the last thing she wants to do is enter numbers into a complicated budget. At the same time, she dreads opening her credit card statements and often feels guilty about overspending. She earns a decent income but has no idea how the money disappears so quickly. After hitting a low point, Sara asked me to help her make some changes. Her only request was that my ideas be simple and attainable. 

This is for all the Saras.

If you are struggling with your finances like Sara, I promise it’s possible to manage your money better. So before you throw in the towel (that you bought on impulse), try the “I Can Just” technique. Instead of focusing on making huge financial changes, just do one thing differently every day. Small steps. Big results.

No Budget, No Problem: How to Get a Grip on Your Finances When Spreadsheets Aren’t Your Thing

I Can Just Spend a Bit Less

Do you wander around the mall on your lunch break or mindlessly scroll online stores? Searching out the next great buy can be addictive because our brains receive a shot of endorphins when we see something exciting. The problem is, this easily leads to overspending. 

And we might be inadvertently modeling this pattern for our children. Our 7-year-old and I recently had this conversation:

Him: Mom, I found something I really want to buy on Amazon.

Me: Did you know you wanted to buy it before you went on Amazon?

Him: No. I just found it and now I really want it.

Me: If you look online you will always see something great to buy. People who want you to buy things are experts at what they do. The secret to not spending your money is to not even look at those bright, shiny things.

Isn’t this true for adults too?

If online shopping has become a money-draining activity, take a break for a set time. If you have something you absolutely need, choose a time to research it online but stick to a preset budgeted amount. Set a timer while you make your purchase so you don’t enter the online rabbit trail of “Oh look – perfume is on sale too.”


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No Budget, No Problem: How to Get a Grip on Your F...


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