5 Observations On Parenting

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Someone who’s so used to standing on her own needs a special kind of love to break down those walls. She has been through the toughest of situations and survived. She needs a partner who not only understands that, but who celebrates it.

She needs the kind of love that won’t waste her time.

Her time is precious. Her kids, career, and other commitments leave her with very little free time, so if she’s making time for you, don’t waste it. Make that time with her special. Be all in, or don’t be in at all. She doesn’t have months- or even years- to waste on a partner who isn’t committed.

She needs the kind of love that is patient.

She’s been hurt, and it may take her a while to fully open up and trust again. Patience is key, or she might get scared. While she needs a committed partner, she doesn’t need a pushy partner. Let her set the pace.

She needs the kind of love that is fun!

Her days are filled with responsibilities, so she needs to let loose during her free time. Take her on adventures. Spoil her. Treat her like the true queen she is.

She needs the kind of love that is gentle.

Her world has been filled with the harsh realities of single motherhood. It gets overwhelming. It gets lonely. She needs a love that makes her believe in the good again. A love that treats her with kindness. A love whose intentions are pure.

She needs the kind of love that shows appreciation.

She probably doesn’t get a “thank you” for half the things she does. As a single mom, she’s just expected to take care of everything. She needs to hear those “thank you’s”. She not only needs to hear that she’s appreciated– she needs to feel like she’s appreciated, too.

She needs the kind of love that never leaves her with doubts.

She should never have to question your feelings. She should never cry herself to sleep at night wondering if you care. Reassure her- as many times as she needs it. Tell her how you feel about her- often. She will never tire of hearing those sweet words.

She needs the kind of love that inspires her.

She needs someone who’s going to come in and shake things up. Someone who’s going to break up that routine and give her something exciting to look forward to. Her partner needs to inspire her and push her to be the best version of herself.

She needs the kind of love that makes it all worth it.

Every tear. Every sleepless night. Every time she’s felt like it’s her against the world. She needs a love that makes all of those hard moments worth it. She’s gotten through all of that, and now she has you by her side. Be her rainbow at the end of the storm. She’s worth it.
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