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How to address each narcissistic tactic


To combat the above, the primary argument is in a target’s mindset. A victim must change the narrative that the narcissist’s voice has placed there to become a survivor. For example, when a narcissist gaslights a target, the target can tell themselves, “Well, the narcissist may say it didn’t happen, but I saw it with my eyes and heard it with my ears. My reality is my reality. “ Think about it. Why would anyone want to change another’s reality? It is because they are unhappy with their own. Narcissists are miserable people.

Passive aggressiveness

When it comes to the passive aggressiveness techniques that seem so oppressing, the target can say to themselves, “Well, now that I know the narcissist isn’t speaking to me, I’ll use this quiet time to go read a book and call a friend.” The toxic person certainly won’t like that a target isn’t groveling to fix things, but by not engaging, the victim is standing up for themselves and evolving into a survivor. The passive-aggressiveness from the narcissist is designed to garner supply. Whether it’s attention, admiration, money, or sex, it is a way for the toxic person to manipulate another for what is needed at that given moment.


Ghosting is another narcissistic tactic, especially during the dating process. It is the tactic of ending all communication with someone without warning or reason. Not all people who ghost are narcissists, but there are ways to turn the tables on ghosting, no matter the person who does the disappearing act. Ghosting is really about the person who is ghosting. Such an act of never responding again or simply going dark reflects the person making the withdrawal – not the target. If someone can’t speak to a friend or partner to let them know that the friendship or relationship is over, then that person isn’t worth anyone’s time. Ever. Targets should turn around and never look back.

Rage and triangulation

Both rage and triangulation are narcissistic tactics to cause a target to clamor to get back in a toxic person’s good graces. The victim is left thinking, “What did I do to cause this or to not measure up yet again?” You did nothing wrong. The narcissist who is angry or into comparison games did. There is no game if one party takes themselves off the playing field. To the narcissist at this point, one might say quietly to themselves, “Play all the games you want. I know what I stand for, and I am out.”