What is Narcissism? PART THREE

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Types of Narcissism

Narcissism can be displayed in a very wide array of patterns.  Think of a hub of a wheel and the spokes that extend from that hub. The spokes represent the many patterns that can be offshoots of the core tendency toward narcissism.  

Following are some types of narcissism you might encounter, and while it is not an exhaustive list, it can give you and idea of how pervasive narcissism can be.  And yes, individuals can have combinations and degrees of these types:

The Bully:  Forceful, punishing, coercive, overbearing, demanding, prone to rage, willing to humiliate or shame, preys upon others’ weaknesses, user of people.

The Entitled Narcissist:  Must be unique, doesn’t feel social norms apply, wants favored treatment, refuses to do menial tasks, shuns accountability, “you owe me” attitude, prefers the seat of honor.

The Vanity Narcissist:  Impressed by bling, money, materialism, being at the right events, prestige, the “it” people, outer appearance, tendency toward snobbery, prone to superficial thinking.

The Hedonistic Narcissist:  Perpetually in pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence, instant gratification, disregard for future considerations, now focused, drawn toward addictive behaviors, alcohol and drug consumption, alluring sexual themes, thrill of the moment, it’s all about me right now.

The Covert Narcissist:  Control is subtle, passive non-cooperation, secretive, will not let the real self be seen or known, silent punishment, dominance via quiet withdrawal, evasive, sly criticism, emotionally unavailable, coy.

The Malignant Narcissist:  Cold, calculated, destructive, will harm, sees others as expendable, little appreciation for the suffering they produce, mean.

The Fragile Victim:  Manipulative via helplessness, anxiety, “life is cruel to me,” wants others to cater, complains easily, goodness of others never is enough.

Know-It-All Narcissist:  No need for direction from anyone, must always be right, will persuade and coerce, bossy, unsolicited advice, poor listener, argumentative, quick to disagree, intellectually competitive, loves to debate with a raised voice. 

Perfectionistic Narcissist:  Strong need for order, impatient, micro-manager, picky, exacting standards, good is never good enough, thin-skinned, quickly annoyed, not consistently tender, emotions are a nuisance.

Sociopathic Narcissist:  Rebellious, truth is expedient, rules are meant to be broken, no regard for authority, seems intelligent yet also shallow, lies easily, exploitive, user of people, no consistent moral compass.

Psychopath:  Morally bankrupt, zero regard for human dignity, cold, mean, brutal, no conscience, conniving, aggressive, prone to violence and calculated anger.

Histrionic Narcissist:  Driven by outlandish emotion, very expressive, colorful, depleted ability to reason, happy to extreme, upset to extreme, dramatic.

The Seductive Narcissist:  High need for temporary affirmation, loves being fawned over, commonly sexualizes and objectifies others, charming, shallow, easy come/easy go, love bombing followed by “ghosting,” cannot permanently commit.

The Borderline Narcissist:  Known for all or nothing exaggerations, I love you/I hate you, cling/rage, idealization/demonizing, when dissatisfied there is self-destruction with a wide range of personally damaging behaviors, an enigma to those who draw close.

These patterns each give evidence of core narcissism: low empathy, high control, manipulation, alternate reality, etc.


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