What is Narcissism? PART TWO

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8 Primary Indicators Of Narcissism

Consistently, narcissists display most or all of eight identifiable tendencies:

  • An inability to empathize.  Narcissists do not feel the need to know and understand a person’s emotions or experiences.  Being self-enamored inhibits their concern for others.
  • A strong, persistent need for control.  Narcissists believe they should be the ones holding the reins of power in relationships and organizations.  Wherever they go, they have a fixed agenda regarding the ways life is supposed to unfold.  
  • An attitude of entitlement.  Though they show little concern about the needs of others, they routinely focus on satisfying their own needs and preferences.  When they do not get what they demand, anger is inevitable.
  • Manipulative, exploitive behaviors.  Being non-authentic people, they can give the appearance of friendliness or coordination, only to show later that they are users of people.  They are not honest or trustworthy.
  • An inability to receive direction.  Narcissists are pathologically defensive.  They have an image to maintain, and any discussion about flaws or mistakes will be met with strong denial, reversal, blame, or accusation.
  • A need for superiority.  Truly believing in their unique, lofty status, they are commonly critical and condescending.  They justify bullying and stubbornness by focusing on others’ inferiority.
  • An alternate reality.  Their lack of objectivity causes them to anchor upon a version of truth that does not match pitch with others.  They truly believe they hold distinct perspectives that others cannot learn. 
  • Ability to create favorable false impressions.  For a time, narcissists can appear charming, friendly, and agreeable.  Their yearning to be admired prompts them to present themselves as appealing and enviable.  But this charm inevitably is temporary and situational.

Types of Narcissism


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