You might be a people pleaser if. . .

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You might be a people pleaser if you:

  • Try too hard to be nice

  • Hold onto hidden resentment

  • Measure your words more carefully than is really warranted

  • Give up on being understood or taken seriously

  • Have difficulty using the word "no"

  • Allow others to determine too much of your schedule

  • Become too deferential when someone else is angry

This webinar is definitely for you if:

  • You assume your needs are not as important as others' needs.
  • You have feelings of burnout because you don't prioritize your own self-care.
  • You take too much responsibility for others' happiness.
  • You suppress your difficult emotions so readily that you won't express them even when the time is right.


Register below for our webinar that will be LIVE on Tuesday, September 21st at 1pm CT. If you cannot make the live session and feel like this webinar would benefit you, still register! We will be sending out a recording to all who have registered to keep forever.

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Saturday, 16 October 2021

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